Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new aeon in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound, a blend of insights nourished by numerous references in all kinds of music!! 


Figaro de Montmartre paints an environment of happiness, using colours with a magical sound, made in Love, for the survival of humanity, stuck in the matrix of an increasingly artificial society. 

Together as one, they write, produce, compose and perform their own material. Their sensual voices touch the depths of the soul.


The strong complicity of Figaro de Montmartre comes into its own on stage, around unique metal accessories; creations made from salvaged vehicle springs which represent the weight of progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world. Live in concert, Figaro plays the theremin and has fun with the SP404 sampler, while Tecla dances with his keyboard.



Once upon a time, Friday 29 June 2007, Tecla and Figaro met at a Parisian cabaret... a few hours later, not counting nights, they started recording their first track, then their second and third... by the fifth track, a few weeks later, they realized that an album was under way...


A few moons later, during the première of feature film "Jenny Bel Air" in the Elysée Biarritz in Paris, they delivered their performance debut. A few mornings later, an Electro Vintage sound had found its scenic colour and dreamlike decor. Figaro de Montmartre is born.


Knowing that what they created was really new, they moved Monday 1st December 2008 to Easton, Bristol, where they found their first proper crowd.


The songs of Serge Gainsbourg, Colette Renard, Claude Nougaro, Josephine Baker and the poetry of Aimé Césaire, within a world of sound inspired by Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, Roni Size, Massive Attack and Mad Professor, who worked with Figaro de Montmartre on the title ‘Tout près d’ici’. 

Tuesday 24 March 2009, Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studio (Prodigy, Squarepusher) gave the final touch to the work of the group.


The album ‘Place à la nuit’ (Long live the night!) of Figaro de Montmartre, 99% French in text and 1% Italian, propels the duo through the scenes of Bristol, Brighton, London, Turin, Genoa, Cannes, Paris.


Figaro de Montmartre then began working on their new tracks in english, basing themselves in the Caribbean.

Wednesday 24 November 2010, they became the first Electro group to cross the doors of the Temple of Reggae, HARRY J studio in Kingston, where they worked with U-Roy in on what was his Electro first.


They’ve just done the track ‘NATURAL’ when, unfortunately, they were expelled from Jamaica.Welcomed in Martinica, french West-indies, where they performed in different clubs and festivals, until they find a new link, and fly to Canada, where venues quickly became packed as word a mouth about Figaro de Montmartre’s Electro-Vintage sound got around.


Tuesday 2nd October 2012, they are obliged to leave the country and they come back to Europe, in France, then in Italy, where nothing has changed. For the duo, it seems like the end of the world, and at the same time they realize that Love is the only Power.


A few months later, the Saturday 20 April 2013, Tecla and Figaro get invited to perform again in Easton (Bristol) and at this time they realize that the music is their own mission.


After this great awereness, they move back to Montmartre the 27th December 2013. Putting slowly together all the pieces of the puzzle, and, eventually, Wednesday 20 May 2015, they realize a collector vinyl called GOOD VIBES (ToolBox, One Nation).


They get residence in a small mythical cabaret in Pigalle called ‘Le Noctambule’ until  they receive a clear message from UK: ‘You have to come here and play in the summer festivals’.


They find the way to go to a festival in the Kent, where they suppose to work as stewarts. Fortunately, Friday 27 May 2016, someone invites them to play in a little cider tent, and they performed for 3 hours.

From this time, Figaro de Montmartre brings their Good vibes, joining the line up of different festivals like Secret Garden Party, Small World, Bimble Bandada, Strawberry Fair, Harlequin Fair… Performing live on BBC radio.


Today, based in the UK, Figaro and Tecla are finalising their new album that will be available from the spring of 2019. Don’t miss their upcoming live performance.


The next chapter is on the way.

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