Live as an awesome experience

25 May 2017 at Small World Festival, Headcorn

time TBC, location TN27 9LS, UK 

27 May 2017 at Full Circle stage

time 9.30 PM, location TN27 9LS, UK 

28 May 2017 at King's Head, Cromer

             time 3 PM, location NR27 9HG, UK          

3 June 2017 at Strawberry Faire, Cambridge

time 4 PM, Scarecrow Stage

21 June 2017 at Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury

time TBC, location BA4 4EE, UK

20 July 2017 at Secret Garden Party, Abbots Ripton

time 7.15 pm, Small World Stage

28 July 2017 at Bimble Bandada Festival, near Brighton

time 8.30 pm,  Small World Stage

10 August 2017 at Boomtown Fair, near Winchester

time TBC, location SO21 1HW, UK

19 August 2017  at Charity Ball, Ashford

time 10 PM, location TN25 6NT, UK    

20 August 2017 at King's Head, Cromer

 time 3 PM, location NR27 9HG, UK     

24 August 2017 Small World Summer Festival, Headcorn

 time TBC, location TN27 9LS, UK     

Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new era in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage. The strong complicity of Tecla and Figaro comes into its own on stage, around a metal  and dreamlike decor, in the spirit of cabaret, revived by influences trip hop, jungle, breakbeat, drum'n bass... 

Electro vintage

Enjoy New Figaro de Montmartre web site to listen a sick sound freshly coming from a completely Natural world (with a little bit of Electricity!) and download for free The new Electro vintage mega tune JAVA DUB "La Villette" on the music page!

Rendez vous with Aquarius

A better world is Born, we are old enough to know better. A brend new world is yours, we're lost today in the worst. A better world for all, now we never know what to dream, The End or the Beginning. A real world of Love is inside you and above, Don't turn around, don't turn around, don't!

Sound is on the wave....  Rendez-vous with Aquarius,  new album coming soon.


Once upon a time, a Star came from the Cabaret gave her voice to "La Villette". This icone was called Arletty and her song is talking about a popular quartier in Paris, where people was drinking and moving in the Java dance, revealing the Beauty of their pains.

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