Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new aeon in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage.

The multiplicity of this sound is a blend of insights nourished by numerous references in all kinds of music!!


Figaro de Montmartre paints an environment of happiness, using colours with a magical sound, made in Love, for the survival of humanity, stuck in the matrix of an increasingly artificial society.


Together as one, they write, produce, compose and perform their own material.

Their sensual voices touch the depths of the soul.


The strong complicity of  Figaro de Montmartre comes into its own on stage, around unique metal accessories; creations made from salvaged vehicle springs which represent the weight of progress used like a cockpit for space travel through their musical world.

Figaro de Montmartre Tecla
Figaro de Montmartre Figaro

Since 2008, in Great Britain, France, Italy, Martinique, Jamaica and Canada,

Figaro de Montmartre drives its original Electro Vintage musical concept through their amazing live performances, promoting ‘Place à la Nuit’ (MadeInPigalle), their first album, and the special ‘Good Vibes’ vinyl (MadeInPigalle), broadcast everywhere on earth.


From 2016, they joined the line-up of different UK festivals like Secret Garden

Party, Glastonbury… and they perform live on BBC radio.

Figaro de Montmartre Figaro de Montmartre by Jules Amiel

Figaro and Tecla are currently finalising their new album  ‘Rendez-vous with Aquarius’ which will be available from the Winter of 2018.


You can only find their discography on this website or at their performances and at the best independent music stores.

Figaro de Montmartre Live video Figaro de Montmartre
Figaro de Montmartre Figaro de Montmartre by Keith Muir


Figaro de Montmartre How to love -Figaro de Montmartre-EP



'How to love'


This is the most important thing to learn in this current life and its

answer will change the world. This Ep, an awesome 3 versions track

from the future upcoming album 'Rendez-vous with Aquarius', a journey between the rythm and awarness, a need of light in consciousness to dance higher and higher.


How to love - Figaro de Montmartre 

1. Do you wanna bass      

2. Do you wanna know

3. How to love

Arletty, Figaro de Montmartre -Java dub La Villette Arletty

'Java Dub - La villette'

a 1928' song remixed by Figaro de Montmartre,

a magic blend of dub, drumstep, garage...

What we call Electro Vintage music.


Sung by Arletty,

a wonderful movie star

and a singer, this tune is talking about a popular area in Paris 19, where people used to enjoy their time dancing the famous java and drinking red wine.

Figaro de Montmartre Figaro de Montmartre - Good Vibes EP

Figaro de Montmartre send you 180 bpm of Good Vibes!!!

This Ep is an insight of really good sounds, six versions born from the meeting of reggae and drum and bass, performed with the jamaican legend,

U-Roy…to discover!

1. Good Vibes (Hard Version)

2. Natural feat U-Roy

3. Good Vibes (All night long)

4. Natural (Jungle version)

5. Good Vibes

6. Natural (Long version)

Figaro de Montmartre Figaro de Montmartre by Julie
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